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About The Staten Island Collaborative Law Group


The Staten Island Collaborative Law Group, is a non-profit association of attorneys, financial and mental health professionals who have been trained in the collaborative model of conflict resolution, and whose mission is to advance that approach as a new means to resolve your divorce or other civil dispute.

The Collaborative Approach is founded on a mutual pledge by all parties, spouses and their respective attorneys, not to resort to litigation, but to find common ground through open communication to build solutions based on the specific interests and goals of each individual party.  This allows divorcing couples to achieve self-directed tailored resolutions, on their own timetable, and without court intervention into the settlement process.

The Collaborative Approach fosters resolution of divorce, family and civil disputes through an interdisciplinary team model which is focused on helping couples develop practical solutions to reach settlement, without litigation, in a supportive and respectful environment.

The Collaborative Approach recognizes that whatever your differences, you and your spouse, may be able to come together in mutual cooperation to resolve many issues, thereby minimizing the emotional impact of divorce on the family, and preserving a workable future relationship as parents.

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